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What's Bob up to?

I have been retired nearly a year. Looking forward to a light Christmas.

I am currently working on the outline for the Godstuff Summer Placement Pilot for summer 2017.

If anyone out there can use my services as a preacher or trainer I am available after August 2017. I can also find some availability before July.

I am working on an expansion of a workshop on introducing church for the unchurched which will include an great session on jargon.

If anyone wants a series of talks on conflict in the book of Acts I would love to work on that.

From Bob to Church Leaders

I am resigning from parish responsibilities at the end of December this year. I hope to have a light month or four in early 2016. After that I am willing to take a break from wildlife gardening (watching weeds grow - see pictures) if opportunities for ministry of the Word happen.

Bob is "retiring" soon

I am intending to resign after Christmas from my current post in rural warwickshire to concentrate on gardening and Bible teaching. I will take a long holiday in early 2016 and will then be available for other stuff. Should anyone want to talk to me about future bookings then the best way is to phone me because I'm not a good emailer. (01926) is the area code and 613739 is our landline.

Questions about "I am the Bread"

Sunday 14th 6.30 St Marks - I have been asked to speak on John 6.

This questions I will address (not necessarily answer) will include:-

Visit to CPAS

Sadly, CPAS have remaindered nearly all of their Bible based youth work resources. At the behest of Steve Tilley, author of most of them, we have acquired them.

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